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deadmau5 - 2020 Tribute Mix

Added by: LucKey

The last deadmau5 tribute mix that I made blew up in viewership and was very warmly received so I decided to make another one. If this mix gets taken down then check out my BitChute and Mixcloud channels lower down in the description for mixes that can\'t be uploaded here on YouTube. This is a 2020 tribute to the one and only mau5, Joel!


0:00 SATRN
12:53 Strobe
17:50 Infra Turbo Pigcart Racer
26:40 Coelacanth I & II (Classic Mix)
36:41 FALL
42:57 Fn Pig (ov) [Spencer Brown Remix]
50:04 Parts & Labour
51:28 Pickup the Poptart
55:38 No Problem
1:02:35 Complications
1:09:35 Secondary Complications
1:12:11 ASEED


I do not own of these tracks. All rights and credit go to their respective owners. Here\'s a link to deadmau5\'s upcoming shows:

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